About us

We are a private club set up by a team of city professionals who share the passion for the best Cigars from Cuba.

We have been placing bulk purchase orders with some regional distributors of Habanos S.A. in Europe since 2015 and our cigars are hand-picked from hundreds of boxes for the best quality.

We set up our own aging facility in August 2015 in Wimbledon London with professional electrical cigar cabinets with robust temperature control, industrial humidity sensor and meter, and a smart 2-way humidity solution to control the relative air humidity.


Wendy has just had an early retirement from a renown investment firm and joined our team, managing client services and logistics. (Interesting fact: She is a non-smoker...)


James handles our relationship with Habanos distributors in Europe and Asia. Mixed with Asian origin, speaking English, Japanese, and Cantonese, an experienced chartered accountant from UK.


Frank is our master of cigar: Made in Germany, a seasoned banker and world-traveller.